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Premium Cloud Service Provider in Thailand

Compute - Storage - Security - Connectivity

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Fiber Optic ขนาด 10 Gbps สองเส้นทาง

รองรับปริมาณ 500 ผู้ใช้งานขึ้นไป

อุปกรณ์เป็น Cisco ทั้งระบบตั้งแต่ Router, Switch, Controller, และ WiFi Access Point


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Cloud Service

Is a turnkey project, KIRZ is the system investor, which has steps from exploration Design, installation according to layout, location, select the appropriate equipment model by our professional team with over 15 years of experience.


Popular business features :

  • hotel

  • Convention

  • Service Office

  • Coworking Space

  • showroom

  • service center

Managed WiFi will help increase work efficiency and increase the satisfaction of users who accessing internet service in your location, and also will reduce workload of IT managers.

For further information, please contact us at Tel. +662-7709700 ext. 2020 for the site visit appointment. We will arrange our staff to provide details and presentation, as well as the site survey for project feasibility.

Wireless and Mobility

Immersive experiences on mobile are becoming the new normal. Add the explosion of IoT and mobile devices, and not only does your network need to be secure, it must be fast and reliable. With access points and wireless controllers that support the Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) standard, Cisco provides an intent-based architecture to meet customer expectations and scale for growing business demand. 


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