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Multi home upstreaming with major content providers peering

Corporate Internet

Providing two-cores optical fiber line to a subscriber site with protection as an option (two fiber routes) if redundancy is highly required for zero downtime connectivity.  KIRZ's dedicated Internet Bandwidth with a ratio 1:1 is allocated for each corporate subscriber. KIRZ Corporate Interne is suitable for the use of organizations that the Internet is business-critical with 10 users or more at headquarter, and branch offices that need to be connected to each other.  We offer two types of setup, either internet gateway setup at Hard Office or at the branch office independently with our managed firewall equipment.  With SD-WAN technology, KIRZ offers managed i-WAN service that will help a multi-branch organization to save their connectivity costs via FTTx, and 4G LTE media transmission. Group of customers who are using Corporate Internet services includes embassies, government agencies, service offices, hotels, factories, apartments, condominiums, warehouses, distribution centers. exhibition center, car dealers, restaurants, business, media and publications, news agencies, media production, etc.

Hotel Internet

A complete turnkey guest service solution for hotel business at a one-stop service provider. The service consists of the internet access, guest gateway with PMS integration, wireless LAN Controller, managed switch with PoE, managed firewall with log server, and in-room hospitality access point, IPTV and IP-Phone.  KIRZ provides gigabit connectivity to the hotel venue to ensure the internet capacity will meet and satisfy guest experience.  KIRZ's professional services include project kickoff, survey, design, deployment, implement, signoff, and maintenance.

Content Peerings

We’re more than just speed. Whether you’re kickstarting a startup or expanding the big business, KIRZ goes above and beyond to keep you connected on the nation’s large Gig-speed networks with less latency (meaning fast respond).

Service Includes:

  • Unlimited Data Transfer with initial eight Static Public IP v4

  • Bandwidth from 10 Mbps up to 10 Gig

  • Symmetric connectivity whereas in other connections like broadband the download speed and upload speed vary quite drastically.

  • Directly peering with major content providers such as  AS15169 Google, AS32934 Facebook, AS8075 Microsoft, AS16509 Amazon, AS714 Apple, AS20940 Akamai, AS41690 Dailymotion, AS15133 EdgeCast, AS54113 FASTLY, AS22822 LimeLight, AS23576 NHN, AS2906 Netflix, AS46489 Twitch , AS32590 VALVE

  • Enterprise-Grade Customer Premise Equipment (Cisco ISR 1000, 2900, 4000, ASR 1000) is provided.

  • 24/7 customer support by KIRZ's LIVE Network Operation Center.


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ยืดหยุ่นกับปริมาณการใช้งาน ตั้งแต่ 100Mbps ไปจนถึง 10Gbps


Proactive Monitoring

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SLA 99.9%

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