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Dedicated Server

For customers who are procuring a high-performance server, and want to securely managed via IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface), the ability to access the device at the Bios level as if working in front of the server It can also divide the space to allocate as needed. KIRZ Dedicated Server service is suitable for applications that require machine resources at the Enterprise Grade level. There is a large database of important information such as Database Server, SharePoint Server, Exchange Server, Application Server, Web Server, Mail Server, Live Broadcast Server, etc. to be hosted by dedicated servers.

KIRZ Dedicated Server helps reduce IT investment for your organisation. As it is a comprehensive service that covers all expenses including Server & Storage Hardware, Network Equipment, Colocation in the humidity and temperature control room (Data Center), Electric power, Operating system (Windows Server License), Hypervisor, and IT staffs. Compared to the client's own investment, KIRZ Dedicated Server service can be calculated as a much better option. In addition to the Dedicated Server service, customers can reduce CaPex, and OPEX in their IT budgeting together.

KIRZ provides HPE single and Dual Processor enterprise server types with hot-plug storage and hot-plug redundancy power supply. Customers can choose the specification: Core/Threads, Memory, Storage type and Size, 1GE, 10GE Port Speed to meet their requirement.

Dedicated Data Storage

For customers that need a high-performance storage system with an emphasis on the volume of transactions that are consistent with the access speed to data record (IOPS), customers can choose the type of storage systems according to the type of work: Network Attached Storage, Storage Area Network, Archive Storage, and Cloud Storage.

Premium Dedicated Servers 

Services include:

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1Gbps Thailand
Local Bandwidth
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Thailand Tier-3
Data Center
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2 Dedicated
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