NOC (Network Operation Center)

Our customers can contact support staff working 24 hours a day, 365 days. Network and Host Monitoring information can be contacted to our staffs  through Call number 02-770-9777, and emergency number 06-3852-7754

Open Ticket

In case of reporting a problem through the ticket system, our customers can follow up on the process of solving the sequence of times until the problem is solved, and this can be done in two following ways: 1. Send an email to with detail, or 2. Fill out the ticket opening form below via zendesk ticket form.

MRTG Traffic Monitoring Service

Our customers can access the bandwidth & traffic monitoring tool at the support page with login client codes.  You can contact your client manager if don't have one.

Network Information




Speed Test for International Internet:

Speed Test HTTP

Speed Test FTP

Speed Test for Domestic Internet:

Speed Test HTTP

Speed Test FTP

iPert Server:


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