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On-premise Business Telephone System

with IP-PBX and Number Extension that follows you

5 x Cisco IP Phone

2 คู่สายเบอร์โทร 02-

โทรนาทีละ 1.50 บาท 

ขยายได้สูงสุด 384 ผู้ใช้



10 x Cisco IP Phone

4 คู่สายเบอร์โทร 02-

ระบบตอบรับ IVR

โทรนาทีละ 1.50 บาท 

ขยายได้สูงสุด 384 ผู้ใช้



50 x Cisco IP Phone

1 x Cisco IP Conference

10 คู่สายเบอร์โทร 02-

ระบบตอบรับ IVR

โทรนาทีละ 1.50 บาท 

ขยายได้สูงสุด 384 ผู้ใช้



Managed Office Phone

KIRZ provides Managed Office Phone system and services that offer traditional PABX System features as well as IP Phone advance features.  Some of these features are mobility, presence, preference, and rich conferencing services.

Whether or not you have a phone system, we have a range of services to meet all the phone needs of your business:

  1. If you have a phone system, we can connect to it and provide you with a telephone service. We support key systems, analog systems, PRI and SIP. So no matter what you currently have, we have a solution for you.

  2. If you’re in the market for a new phone system, or you’re ready to move to the IP Phone system for flexibility and improved functionality, we are Cisco Partner and provide CME On-Premise IP-PBX system with on our redundant spare sets.


Some of the advantages of KIRZ's Business Telephone Service for the Small Business reside in the enterprise features available and other options.

  • Enhanced user experience

  • Simple and Secure

  • Energy efficient

  • Presence integration: enabling the ability to see the status of others within the business

  • Interactive Voice Respond (IVR),  Integrated Messaging and Unified Messaging options

  • Video Integration

  • Voice, Video and Data Collaboration within the business and also with external customers

Cisco Office Phone System

We provide office phone services using  Cisco Communication Platforms, which is the market leader of Unify Communication.  The system is designed to take advantage of the LAN Network, both voice and data networks that are integrated. While providing comfort and user-friendliness.  What you can expect from our managed office phone service, this obviously can help to improve communication productivity by meeting the needs of different users throughout your organization.

We provide office communication equipment rental services.   From PBX, Conference, to Phone sets to every branch of your offices, we offer complete office communication solutions with high quality of Cisco Unified Communications system and Cisco phones to overcome, no matter what you need.  We can provide professional service, and equipment for business throughout the country, and abroad.


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