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Colocation in Bangkok

For Servers and Equipment

available in 35 locations

contact : info@kirz.com

Colocation in Bangkok

Server space rental service In the data center There are service areas for both Rack sharing by Server size, height 1U and 2U. There are 2 power outlets separated left and right in the 42U rack and Full Rack has private key lock. The equipment can be installed according to the electric power. Can either be paid or calculated according to the actual meter used

Equipment Colocation

Rental of network equipment in Network Nodes. There is a service area of Shared Rack according to device size. And the power required Able to connect with other media which are Cable network media Digital media TV Satellite media Frequency band 4G LTE

Cross Connect

Connectivity Service to Data Centers : AIS, CAT, CS-Lox, TCCT, TRUE

Connectivity Service to Internet Exchange : BBIX, CS-Lox-IX, NIX, IIG , Thai-IX, TIG, TIX

Connectivity Service to Carriers : AIS, CAT, DTAC, TRUE, TOT

Connectivity Service to Network Providers : ALT, Cable Connect, Internetlink, Symphony, UIH

Connectivity to Media Providers : Thaicom, Grammy, JSL, Thairath, Scenario, Rachadaligth Theather, The post


We provide various type of connectivity includes: Ethernet, MPLS, DWDM, and Dark Fiber with complete end-to-end Interfaces


บริการเช่าพื้นที่ Colocation กับ KIRZ ดีอย่างไร

ISO 27001 Certified

Our physical security, power, cooling, and networks are each at least N+1 redundant, offering you higher uptime and greater reliability. 2N UPS battery power and diesel generator backup power are in place in iTech Tower 2 to ensure all operating servers remain connected in case of any power loss.

Remote Hands

All of your hardware and equipment are in safe hands with our world-class infrastructure and 24/7 server monitoring. Onsite technical staff are available and ready to solve any urgent problems right away.


Multiple security measures are in place to protect your assets around the clock. Our data center is controlled through card access, biometric scanners, surveillance monitoring, 24/7 surveillance CCTV with digital recording and 24/7 security staff.


We offer SLA of 99.9% network uptime. We have fully redundant and low latency connectivity from Thailand Internet Exchange to multiple global leading carriers in Equinix. Direct peering with major content providers such as Microsoft, Facebook, YouTube, AWS, etc. are in place, offering low latency direct connections.

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